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Patient transfer providers are private companies running their business to generate the highest possible profits.

Here are a few things to consider:

What is their service area?

Some will tell you that they service all or most of Ontario, and even have a map showing all of southern Ontario “covered”. But can they really offer this at a reasonable price?

For instance, would you call a company that has to send a vehicle and staff from a distance of up to two hours away to complete a 8km journey? Sure they will gladly give you a quote but it will be grossly overpriced. Don't be surprised, it happens all the time.

What does the quoted price include? 

We were informed by one service provider that, for example, if the attendant deems it necessary to wear gloves with a patient, some companies will charge extra for this. Make sure you ask if the price quoted is a flat fee or if there are likely to be any other charges? Forewarned is forearmed.

How do the prices quoted by each private ambulance company compare?

After doing research, I found that this can vary substantially. Here is an example.
I was quoted by three companies for stretcher service from Kitchener, Ontario to London, Ontario return trip.

All prices include tax.

          Company A      1,077.80  
          Company B         678.00
          Company C         706.00

Why is company “A’s” price so much more?  What do they offer that is different? In the above quote, there was nothing that we could confirm.

Do they work with insurance companies or government agencies?

Most do, but ask this when contacted by the patient transfer company representative.

So where do you go from here.... 

This website was created to assist you make an informed choice when booking a patient transfer. By filling in a form from the Ontario patient transfer location, a representative from a LOCAL preferred patient transfer company will contact you with a no obligation free quote. 


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