Wealthsimple is a financial services company that has 5 Billion Canadian under management.


Saving lot and lots of money. Plain and simple. I know of many people that are happy to pay anywhere up to $200 per stock purchase. Even saving $9.99 per transaction will add up.  A no brainer.

Soon they will add cryptocurrency trading to the Wealthtsimple trade app. Thin margins on the spread?


Stocks and ETFs.  No commission on most of TSX listed companies. (Must have minimum volume and price). If you are not a very active stock trader not to worry as there are so many very low expense ETFs out there.  No one should be invested in mutual funds, in my opinion. Paying so much to greedy middle men.  In recent times I broke out my numbers to my Investors Group rep. Their support staff agreed that I was correct and I was not receiving 2-2.5% a year compared to Wealthsimple trade investing broadly in the same thing.  Over the years this adds up to very large numbers.

Soon Bitcoin and Etherium trading in Canadian dollars.


I have provided a link for you to signup to get $10. My name is Steven so you know its a legit link. Sign up providing your email, then download the Weathsimple trade app.

Now before you think this is scam, think again. I have been with Weathsimple trade since they opened. Moved my RRSP and  non registered funds from; Investors Group, TD, National Bank Discount Brokerage and Scotia Itrade.

I opened up an account and put a small amount of funds to test the waters.  My confidence of the Wealthsimple goup continues to grow. I now have 40% of my investment funds with them. Couldn't be happier.  

As always do your research.

Here is my link, to get $10 if you are going to sign up.

Get $10 signup

Happy Investing